Today was a bad day…l am so mad that I think I might blow up.  It turns out that the laptop I just bought for school which was $1400 was stolen by my fucking asshole husband and when I went to get it back today the owner told me that Randy did not pawn it, but that he SOLD it….for $60!!  I could hardly breathe.  I called the police immediatly b/c at that moment I decided that I wanted him to go to jail.  He gets off for everything and I am so sick and tired of it.  Maybe if he actually went to jail for more than 7 days he would learn a lesson and possibly get clean enough to realize that he's going to lose me.  The best damn thing he's got!  But of course….no such luck.  They said basically I am shit out of luck b/c we are married.  So that's great.  He has wasted so much of my money…I sware I'd be rich if it weren't for him.  I do not want to even be in the same room as him.  He makes me ill.  This just might be the shortest marraige ever.  No wait…I think Brittany Spears earned that award already.  Basically I want a divorce.  I am already planning on moving to my moms until this semester is over and I can work more and save to move out.  I am just so mad that I gave into love again and tried to trust someone and here I am….getting ready to start over.  Maybe I need a woman! Who knows what I need.  To be alone I think.  I just can't wait to be alone and not have to sleep with my purse, hide my money and car kets, and then get mad at myself when in that one instant that I forget to hide them, he's off with my car for an entire day.  I know I chose him as ahusband, but I did not choose to be this miserable with him.  I am complaining and I know I sound whiney but God I just don't know what else to do!  

  1. metalheadfreak1992 15 years ago

    Your not being whiney or anything. Youre just letting your feelings out and thats good=]

    Listen… do what your heart tells you to do, and of cource your brain too. If you REALLY feel like that about him then you should leave him! You really don't need a guy like him. He is ruining your life, when you can have a great one with someone else. You don't need to find a man just yet if you don't want to. Settle down first and all that stuff. Just worry about being successful and stuff. Don't worry about that guy. You don't need to go throuhg that crap with your husband. Hope things go great for you=D

    Hope i didn't say anything that hurt your feelings or upseted you.

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  2. LaLuna 15 years ago

    OMG I would've killed him!! WTF! I'm angry to! Cut your losses and get on with youe life without him…. I believe it's situations like this that coined the phrase "BALL & CHAIN". Stay strong and stand your ground.

    Vent away!!! this is the place to do it!

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