well sorry if i bore anyone with my blogs – but its my way of keeping track of the times i manage to get out into the world!

Today is Friday – Yes i hate fridays, but today was different, i went into the city on my own again  i was armed with my book, my mp3 and my mobile phone and i manged not to panic once – although i did start to feel sick on the crowded bus – but i got over it.  i made my self go into busy shops and managed to get round them and even stand in a long queue at the checkout of one shop. I then decided if i want my new mobile phone i so desperatly need (mine is falling apart and only works when it wants to lol) i have to go and choose 1 – so holding my breath i walked into carphone warehouse and had a look at the phones, but when the sales person walked towards me i just walked out!  then i went into phones 4 U  and started looking at the phones and as a sales person walked towards me i glued myself to the spot and made myself talk to the bloke,  i felt very nervous but managed to get a good converstation going and decided on a new Mobile phone that i will go back and buy next week .  so all in all i had a good day. It just goes to show what a little planning, an mp3 of mood music and someone to support you on the other end of a mobile phone can do.

Big thanks to my 2 friends who have given me words of encouragment and kept my spirit up, i hope you both know who you are although i will be thanking you personnaly later.


  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    It is true, that life is lieable and we go beyond ourselves with the support and ecouragement of our friends.

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  2. leeevansalike 11 years ago

    Well done you know how proud you should be x

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