I met with this other therapist about the Social Anxiety group starting on the 10th and I decided I should give it a try. The highlight of the meeting was her "therapy dog", a cute, soft little thing that apparently liked me so much that she jumped up on my lap within two minutes of seeing me. She cheered me up and made me wish I had my own dog here to keep me company. She was so sweet, she ended up laying on my lap, belly up, with her head in the crook of my arm. <3

I tried stopping in to see that professor and, long story short, he shut me down. Again. He said to email him during registration for the Spring quarter so he can put me on a list to help me get in but that doesn't really help me this quarter. Whatever, graduating before I turn 25 isn't a big deal.

On the upside, my school is having a sale on digital SLR cameras. My Dad is getting me one for Christmas so I ordered a T2i on November 27th via Canon's website. Well, as of December 1st it hadn't been charged to my Dad's credit card so I had to call them and check its status. Apparently, something went wrong in their system and that order was locked up tighter than Alcatraz. The customer service rep couldn't get in to view it and neither could his superviser so they had to redo the entire thing. It took 3 attempts to get the system to save my information.

I checked my order again today and there still wasn't any tracking number for it meaning it hadn't been shipped yet. Ironically enough, last night I received an email from my school about a sale it is having on cameras – both Canon and Nikon – a sale that I missed even though Canon has the same sale on its website. =/ How I didn't see that I'll never know…

Anyways, I decided that I'd rather purchase a bundle – camera and lens plus an extra lens – from my school so my Dad called to have my other order cancelled. That's when he found out that my order hadn't been shipped yet because they put a hold on it. They were confused as to why my billing and shipping address were different which doesn't really strike me as odd. I can't be the only person who ever ordered a camera and listed two different addresses…the camera is coming to me, the bill is going to my Dad. You know, the one who has the money… It probably didn't help that the customer service rep who helped me on the first messed up my name. It's one thing on the shipping address, another on the billing address. I don't know how he swung that. =/

So now I'm just waiting for my school to get more cameras in so I can pick one up and hopefully put more time into photography. Maybe something good will come from it but I can't shake this nagging feeling that I'm never going to be any good at photography, photo editing, web design, or anything that I'm currently trying to learn. I forget so much and I end up leaving most of my classes with an A…but almost no actual knowledge. As my professor put it, I'm "one of those kids that wants an A really badly but somehow managed to leave class not knowing anything". Mind you, he wasn't being mean, he said that was the kind of student he was so he understands. I just don't know how to break myself away from that yet.

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  1. visualist 12 years ago

    Don't worry about how much you forget. I read somewhere that you only retain something like 20% of things you learn in class and, as time goes on, you lose even more. It will be repetition in the "real" world that will help you retain the knowledge.

    When it comes to photography and editing, the most important thing you can do is develop your "eye." Learn to see the world as the camera sees it. Learn to pre-visualize the image your camera will take. It takes time and practice.

    Back in the days of film, I learned a couple of films so well that I could manually set the shutter speed and f-stop without using a meter and still get the image I wanted. It took time, practice, and a lot of film, but it taught me so much.

    Don't be afraid to experiment and test yourself, Remember, it's the repitition that will help your retention.

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