First off Happy Father's Day to all us Dad's. today is the day we will get collect phone calls and freaking ties we probably will never wear but it's the thought that counts. for me this is the first father's day i will be celebrating without my Dad. my Dad was your typical American dad, a father, a mentor, a baseball coach, a fishing buddy. my Dad passed away last July 2 weeks after i took my 20yr medallion. my Dad finally got to hear me play the guitar at a gig in 2002. i have been playing since 1968.

the sad thing my Dad and mom were divorced for 42 yrs and Mom passed away 23 days after did. they both had a long and happy life. i got to make amends to them a long time ago. i gave them 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.My Dad taught me the proper things in life such as saying yes sir and no sir, yes ma'am and no ma'am, open doors for ladies and senior citizens, how to respect my elders, mostly just how to be a man. the lesson he taught me i tried to instill in my kids. the problem today is kids only take those lessons so far and forget them very easily. i found out today that my son that was in prison for the last 10 months was let out last week and proceeded to go to my ex's house and break down the door. guess he has not learned shit yet has he? if i could get my hands on him it would be the worst day of his life.

my Dad lived with me the last 5 years of his life. he loved to watch baseball and i took him to a few ball games in Phoenix. it was a friday when we took him out for a haircut and shave. at 2:30am Saturday he had a major stroke. we stayed with him for 22 hours at the hospital. we came home for a nap and called the hospital and then called and they said ahis body was shutting down. i called my older brother and sister and together we made the deciscion to cut off all live sustaining equipment. i held his hand and my wife cheryl held his other as he passed quietly into heaven.

I just wanted to say Happy Father's day Dad, i love you and i miss you so much. i hope they have plenty of cold ones for you where your at in Heaven. you will always be my guardian angel. thanks for all you taught me and most of all thanks for waiting for me to finally grow up. I love you. for all you son's out there you bettter do something special for your Dad because when their gone all you have are the wonderful memories like i have.





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  1. jjrocksarizona 11 years ago

    yes i know Father's day is tomorrow but i needed to post this today. sorry for the typos but hard to type with tears in your eyes.


    NA hugs,



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