Dear Tribe family and friends, been kinda in a funk lately, but i think it has to do with the changing of the season. off to Las Vegas to see the NHRA drags this weekend. been doing a lot of looking back over the past year, getting 3 years pack pay on disability, first year since 2001 i have not have to had any surgeries. losing my uncle, a friend with 25 years clean, my brother with 3 years clean, my wife’s 12 year old dog, my Dad, 23 days later my Mom, I went into the hospital in the middle of sept. had a sponsee/friend with 15 yrs go back out and die the same day. while i was in the hospital my dog attacked my great nephew, last saturday i got a new puppy. it’s a newfoounland and border collie mix. with the main being the newfounland. i named him "Dude". he really filled a void in my life.

i want to say thanks for all the support from my family and friends for getting past my 20th birthday in NA and all these major changes and tragedies in my life without using.i have two surgeries coming up in the first of the year one dental and the other spinal but i think after those two i am done unless something is absolutely needed.

what i am really blogging about ton ight is i have heard that some people in meetings have said that certain holidays set them off worse than others. like Halloween for instance. well for me my addiction did not take a holiday i was a junkie 24/7 365 days a year. everyday was a using day for 22 years. so i hope for you, that you have the same type of disease i have and could actually relapse if i put my mind to it. after 20 years i have not found a good enough reason. if i can make it through this year and not use i can survive anything.

for those wondering about my daughter Shauna, she is in treatment in Eugene Or and it;’s a 30 day inpatient program. more AA based than NA based. seems to have a lot more addicts than alcoholics. i just told her to remeber why she is there, for Her. and for nobody else. It’s her life she is saving now. Have a happy Halloween ya’ll, don’t eat too much candy, don’t shit your pants getting scared i will be watching 200 to 3oomph dragsters, funny cars, prostock and bikes runing the 1/4 mile all weekend. stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA hugs and love,






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