Hey everyone…It\'s been awhile again…I apologize for that…if anyone did care don\'t worry I didn\'t try anything again..

I\'ve just shutdown and so I didn\'t even bother getting on the internet for awhile.

I\'m spiraling again through and it seems to be happening faster each time..

Not just with my anxiety problems but my ED\'s and depression and cutting and just seems everything is blowing up at once just to finally end me.

If God has ever made a mistake it was to let me live.

\”I’m quite harmless now you see. To you. And now nobody can hurt me on the inside. I have this trick—anything you can do to me, I do to myself already. And I hit harder than you ever could.\” …That quote has been stuck in my head…it\'s true though…

\”It\'s okay if you hate me…I hate me too\” is another one as well..

I just don\'t know why I keep trying i\'m SO disgusted with myself about everything, always being a burden to my family, and anyone who comes in contact with me.

I\'m just heading for failure, I\'m falling and I don\'t know if I want to get back up this time. Thanks to everyone who has been w/me and my troublesome self while I\'ve been on here…

I hope you all are alright, I truly care about you all..

I just don\'t know where I\'m heading right now, and currently having a panic attack from all this stress…needless to say my self-hate book just got a few new entries…I tried to get rid of it but couldn\'t…

I\'m going to shut up now…I\'m sorry for bugging any of you if I did…I\'m so sorry…


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