I have spent the last few days fearing my daughters former fiancé would stop by or reach by text or phone while he may be in town visiting his parents.

It would be upsetting and confusing to my daughter if he did so.

Time heals.

She works, pays her bills, and doesn’t act recklessly in her choices.   She talks to a therapist.    She has made work friends at her new job.

Son’s girlfriend is “unique” which nicely means I would be sad for him if they break up but am not fond of her.    I am not rooting for them to work out.    Yet, I say nothing to express anything negative about my concerns.   I support my sons happiness.

Thankfully, with covid, it provides a reason for skipping having company in our homes.   I hate that people have gotten sick, lost income and or have died from Covid.

I guess the getting over someone stage is the just  the risk of the high of building a relationship and planning a future.  Life doesn’t have guarantees.

I hope that everyone is having a safe, warm, and content evening.


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