It was LAST Year I Had SUMMER VISITATION I WENT TO OKLAHOMA TO GET MY SON WENT TO WHERE HE LIVED WITH HIS FATHER AND I SAWL A INVOCATION LETTER ON HIS DOOR AND THEN I CONTACTED MY EX TO MEET WITH HIM.And THEN I GOT MY SON FOR THE SUMMER AND YES I WAS HOPING HE WAS NOT GOING TO LIVE WITH HIS MOM AND DAD FOR LONG AND me and my ex got into a bad disagreement ok I am not INOCENT totally I do not know where his parents live and they do not like me.I got upset and turn my phone off to him for a couple days after I SAWL my son break down because he missed his sister and dad and brothers I decided to call him his phone was disconnected and I. Tried facebook thin thin I contacted the tribe and then they told me to right a letter and mail it to them they will send it to him so I did and then it was getting close to Halloween and I got a knock on the door it was the police they came to get my son I was crushed then after that a couple days later I received a letter telling me I had to go to court and plea my case when I got there I told the judge how I tried to get a hold of him and he. Said I could possibly be facing 10 to 15 years for kidnapping if I was lieimg and gave me another court date to come back praying worry sick I went back mind you I am in a tribal court room I am not Indian so I did go back and I was found INOCENT and got in trouble for keeping my son longer than I should of my ex is such a liar he was saying I stold are son and took him to a different state against are sons will thank God that's all in my I found a Bible verse that is helpful For what I was going through and also I did think of that song with God before us who can be against us.The Lord SAID to JOSHUA.DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM I HAVE GIVEN THEM INTO YOUR HAND .NOT ONE THEM WILL BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND YOU JOSHUA 10:8 .THANK you God For PERFECTING Me That DAY and HELPING Them FIND Me INOCENT AND FOR GIVING ME THE STRENGTH TO GET THROUGH IT I KNOW I WOULD NOT OF MADE IT IF IT WAS NOT FOR YOU.God IS DEVOTED TO HIS CHILDREN TO YOU HE GATHERS YOUR TEARS IN A BOTTLE:He THINKS GOOD THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU HE PLANS A GOOD HOPE FILLED FURTHER FOR YOU HE GAVE HIS VERY SON TO DIE FOR YOU!He HIDES You UNDER the SHADOW of His WINGS You TRULY Have NOTHING To Fear CHALLENGE For Today:MAKE A LIST OF ALL THE WAYS GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU JOSHUA 10:1-11


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