Ok I can tell You This I Will Never TEACH A BOUT THINGS I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED Or been through the other day I mentioned I did not know about hell being a real place but I will tell you this I know it's in the Bible.but this is my personal experience in this group but on my web site prayingdoves ministry I will talk about everything to do with God mostly teaching as I am learning.ok my personal experience is long a go I dibbled around with SANTAN worship my boy friend at the time was in to it I WAS CURIOUS I ENDED UP RUNNING AWAY I GOT PICKED UP BY SOME TRUCKERS THEY WERE GOING HOME FOR THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY AND THEY OFFER ME TO COME ALONG AND I DID I WAS MAKING UP ALL KINDS OF THINGS ABOUT MY FAMILY A COUPLE DAYS WENT BY WE WERE SITTING IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW AND RECORDING ALL THE STORIES I WAS MAKING UP AND THE SISTER OF THE TRUCKER OF WITCH I WAS DATING JUMPED UP REALLY FAST AND RAN TO WERE HER KIDS WERE SAYING SHE SAWL SOMETHING RUN BY WITH MANY COLORS A VERY EVIL FILLING RAN BY US AND THE NEXT DAY WE WERE ALL GETTING READY TO GO TO CHURCH AND I HEARD A LOUD THUMP AND THEN I HEARD MY BOYFRIEND GROWLING I WAS SO SPOKED OUT THERE WAS A PRESENCE OF PURE HATE AND ANGER EVERY ONE WAS YELLING AT ME AND SAYING I WAS EVIL LOOK WHAT I DID TO HER SON AND I TOOK OFF AND RAN AND IT CAME AFTER ME I PULLED OF IN TO A TELEPHONE POLE AND CALLED MY MOTHER and just then I felt the presence of God and he got rid of the evil it was so amazing I could not see it but I could definitely feel it thank you God for perfecting me that day I love you.always I had a hard time believing what I did not see or feel or experience but I can tell you this God and SANTAN are real and I choose God the rest is up to you


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