So let me tell you about my day today. The story actually starts 2 days ago, when I took my son to the petstore and we ended bringing 2 betta fish home. I think you already know that, but it's okay. My betta is what they call a King Betta ~ he's really big compared to most of the others. I had him in a gallon fishbowl sitting in the kitchen where everyone could enjoy watching him.

Now, back to yesterday. My Mom had a 30 gallon tank that had no fish in it and it was covered in algae and grime, so I took it outside and cleaned it for almost 2 hours. It was a LOT of work! We finally brought it back upstairs, replaced all of the rocks and gravel and plants and then filled it with water. It looked so pretty.

Back to this morning… So I get up at 6:30 and come upstairs to the kitchen to get my coffee. I decided to check on my betta fish and realized he was gone! There was no sign of him anywhere. I got really upset because I thought maybe one of the cats had eaten him. So I grab my coffee and go outside to watch the sunrise and smoke a cigarette, I'm pretty upset about the fish because he was not an inexpensive one ~ he was a $13.00 betta! Just then an idea pops into my head ~ go check the sink. So I get up and look at the sink and he's not there. Just on a whim I put my hand down the garbage disposal and I feel something flopping around down there! I managed to grab him and save him from certain doom (my Mom turns on the garbage disposal first thing in the morning when she gets up). I plopped him back in his bowl, apparently no worse the wear for his adventure down the sink. I cover his bowl with tin foil and poke holes in it so that he has air and he can't jump out again.

I had some running to do today, and one place was the petstore for rabbit treats and cat litter and my Mom wanted to go with me because she needed a new hood and light for the aquarium. I talked with her about it and we decided the betta should go in the 30 gallon tank instead of the bowl, he was just too frisky. I noticed what looked to be a tiny scratch on the surface of the tank and brought it to my Mom's attention. We couldn't figure out what had caused it. So off we go to the petstore which is 20 miles roundtrip. I get my stuff and a new betta for the bowl (that was only $6.00 this time and much prettier) and Mom buys a new hood, LED light and various other aquatic things. She also decides she wants to buy some fish to put in the aquarium. Everything was going smoothly until we got about 3 miles from home and my husband called. He informed me that there was a crack in the tank (and I thought he meant the little scratch I had seen) and then told me that all the water had seeped out and was all over the floor. I begged him to look for the betta in the bottom of the tank and amazingly, he found him still alive and kicking in a small puddle in the gravel. That's twice in one day he almost ate the big one. Aaron put him back in the bowl with the cover over it. Problem is now I've got 2 bettas and 1 bowl, and Mom's got about 10 fish that need to be put in a tank. We manage to fin a large bucket and fill it and float them in it until they were used to the water temperature.

Mom and I drove all the way back to the store and returned the light, filter and hood and just bought a whole new setup with a 29 gallon tank. So we race back home to get the tank ready for the fish who are really stressed out by this point. We cleaned up the mess of the water on the tile floor (thank God it wasn't the carpet and hadn't shattered) . After 2-3 hours we finally released he fish back into the tank, including Mystic (the king betta) and I put Lotus (my replacement betta) in the bowl. He's much more subdued than Mystic which means I won't have so much trouble with him trying to jump out of the bowl, lol.

That's my fish story for the day.

But on to other good news. In January my husband will start to work dayshift! He got the position! I'm so ecstatic! It means that he'll have a normal sleep schedule, be home at night with us and be in a much better mood overall. I've been praying about this for months. I think Friday night we're going to go to a nice dinner at a restaurant that Aaron wants to try out. It will be our celebration of getting his new position. I'm so relieved and happy I could burst! I couldn't stop hugging him or smiling every time I thought about it. So he'll start on days in the middle of January. 6 more weeks of nights and then the nightmare is over with.

Zachary went back to school today and did just fine. He was tuckered out when he got home, but he had a good day. His girlfiend Alice made it very clear to him how much she missed him while he was gone. Of course that made him blush and look at his feet, but he did manage to say "thank you" quietly. My liittle guy's got his first crushh! Ohhh, how cute!

All in all it's been a hectic but good day. I'm really starting to feel better on the Abilify/Cogentin mix. I hope you all had a day as funny as mine. Love to you all and will blog again later. HUGS for everyone!

Love and Light ~ Key


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