I am the niece of Tara as many of you know committed suidcide. We were debating deleting her account. Instead we have decided to use it for our personal use as now we are the ones who are depressed and grieviing. I guess I get it now. Her husband leaving her was almost like a death. A death she couldn't deal with. A death that brought to her to the end. She always suffered depression. None of us understood or gave her the support she needed. We all went around happy and laughing while she sat alone dying inside and my grandmother Nonnie as we call her would always say she is feeling sorry for hersefl again. But once upon a time Tara was a vibrant girl. Even with the depression. She worked as a phlebotomy tech and was the assistant manager of her facility. She loved to take pictures anything in nature she loved especially butterflies. AFTERr she got sick with epilepsy and could no longer work she began to go downhill. It was not under control even with a great neuro team behind her. She lost her ability to drive, walk like she did every morning, she even lost her privacy because she wasn't allowed to bath without someone here due to the seizures. They happened anywhere at anytime. Although I hadn't seen it in awhile I miss her smile and those beautiful sparkling eyes. I miss the way she loved me even though biologically I'm not hers she adopted me when I was 11. YES IT'S LIKE I LOST MY MOM. Tara was kind. When her kiids out grew their clothes she would always donate them to those in need. We would always suggest she have a yard sale because money was tight but no she wanted to help people.She passed out bibles to thoughs who didn't have one. Her goal was 500 bibles. She only made to about 20 because of money but I am so assume this position and make sure her dreams get fulfilled. She believed in God and but for a moment trusted him with everything but when her life got so hard she lost her faith. Not that she didn't believe God could help but maybe God wasn't ready and she was. Patience, Patience, Patience. I always told her that. As close remember my dear aunt/mother as a kind soul not as the girl who lost herself. Many Thanks, Brook


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