As a few of you may know already I was scammed. I really don't care as much as the money but to me what hurts the most is that she would have lied to me. Her name was grace she was 23 and lived in the U.S. I meet her in a online dating website and saw and chatted with her through my computer. We later dated after just two weeks. We use to chat everyday for hours at a time. She truly did make me happy and made me smile each day. Just being able to talk to her was enough to make me happy for the day no matter how bad it was. We kept talking for months and then she told me she would go to the Phillipinnes for a bit. And that she would head here were I live to meet each other. After a month or two she asked me to send her some money to come here for the plane ticket. I sent her the money believing her bc I was blinded by my own feelings I truly thought she liked me that she loved me like she always told me she did. Once I sent her the money I just never heard from her again. It took me a while to realize that I was indeed lied too. I don't care as much about the money what hurts the most is that she lied to me. I now see she never loved me. To me it sounded genuine I really believed in her she meant everything to me. I truly loved her a lot… And now she's gone and it hurts a lot knowing this was all just a lie and that she most likely could care less about me… I know I'm not the very best looking guy and maybe not even average looking, but I do think of myself of being a great guy. I'm really kind, loving, romantic, sweet, etc… Still when I look around I can see no one is interested in me and the few women in my school that I am interested in are taken. I hate having to go their or other places and see other couples being happy as I'm just their alone… I'm thankful my OCD has gotten better, but I just wish I had someone as well. This loneliness hurts a lot it is like being imprisoned from everyone else. Not being ble to know what it is like to be with someone you truly love and someone who loves you back. I'm tired of it… I think for the most part we all long to be with someone else someone we can share our lives with, someone we can love, someone we can laugh with, and spend our lives with. I know I do. But I have hardly ever had that and now that I'm growing older I'm very scared of ending up alone… I'm afraid that I might never find love again. I'm afraid that when I grow up I won't have a family of my own. So many toughts fill my head usually bad ones like. You don't deserve anyone, I should just die and rot under a bridge already…, why should I keep trying? What reason do I have to keep going? What I'm I looking forwards too? I really don't know… All I know is that I wish this pain in my heart would go away. I know I'm young and there's many women out their, but when your really in love that's the only person that matters that's the only person you want to be with and no one else can replace them…. I hope in time I can just move on and maybe one day I might find someone that values me for who I am and might love me. Also I want to thank everyone that has told me good things or just giving me advice I'm truly grateful for that and wish everyone here the best! I hope at least others are doing better off than me 🙂

  1. jocool 10 years ago

     Hi Kuroi,

    I totally understand how you feel, particularly about the thought of having to go through online dating site rather than among friends or school. It should not be the case, but unfortunately some women are clueless to how unique nice guys are…its strange and not fair but I found life is not fair or logical:( But I do hope your doing well and feeling better from this disappointment. It definitely happens to the sharpest and smartest among us! Please take care.

    Best Wishes, Jocool(joel)\"\"


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  2. OCDLONELY 10 years ago

     You were tricked because of your kind heart and caring nature. Nothing to feel embarrased about or feel stupid. I just hope someone near you will get to know you in person and see who you are and then anything is possible. I have very little experience with relationships and was recently treated so badly and hurt but have met someone not long ago and I'm so excited for the future. I had no life from 14 to 31 so I was a late starter and believed I would never experience love etc but that was and is not the case. I wish you well and hope you get all you deserve in the future. You seem like a good guy and you deserve it. Take care



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