You know I was thinking through things the other day and found that many of the problems which I see which surround me…are only things which are on the surface. If I were to look past these things then they no longer can hurt me…Well you know that does sound well and good…but it goes so much deeper than that. I have seen that items which bother me the worst are the things which actually are a part of me…By knowing what I believe I still have problems. Hell and darkeness are always around me, and the idea that if I do not get through this Hell which I have chosen I will only be in a place that many others will be as well. I have found that looking at life as though it were to end within the next moment, it is easier to get through many other things which we are asked to go through. If I am to pass within the next few moments then I should live in such a way that I would never regret the life I did live…the choices and paths which I have been on are only a thing of the past…I will never be able to pass this way again…nor could I ever change the things which are in my past…so onward…through the life I have chosen…As I go through it I know that the choices of others are only what they have chosen, and I did not choose that way…I see every day the things in life which do not seem to be fair, yet they are to a point, because those people have chosen to live that way…I have not…so it get me through a little bit further…I am therefore I do think…As I have seen on the news there is turmoil every where yet ….I am going to get through this…no matter what…If I am enslaved by a government then I am enslaved…it would not be much different the the life I have lived…enslaved my choices…To be left handed is kind of being enslaved…to be a male is still being enslaved…and to be here in the vastness of nowhere is still being enslaved…I even work at a place which has a fence around it with Barbed wire on top of it…so enslaved Yes…free to choose the manner in which I will exsist Yes, free to go and grasp that which I need NO…The every day things which I see are only the statement of those who are going further…I am only as free as I feel…and I do not feel free….Well I have said a lot of nothing but I feel better…Ha Ha…what do you think???


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