He has many forms

But at this point in my life I have already seen them all

I have only wanted on thing

He doesn’t even want that for me

He wants my soul

Not my life

I insist on him taking my life

But he know’s where my soul will go

so in Hell’s Hole I rest

I rot away

Each day doomed to suffer

and the Fire to only get hotter

and hotter

People talk of true suffering

I laugh

Some people don’t even know of true pain

We each have our own story

But none is like mine….

The hole is getting deeper

The Flames rise

And he watches

They both do

Creator and Destroyer

King of Life and the Keeper of Death

They both watch a poor young man suffer

Each day dying from inside out

The Keeper enjoys the boys suffering and does everything he can to make it worse

But the Creator watches very shyly and very very quietly whispers in the boys ear

*I am coming*

The boy looks up and Yells


His pain is only getting worse

and he has a few choices

A. Sell his soul and no more pain in life.

B. Kill himself and be at peace

C. Continue to suffer and wait for the Creator

D. Well there is no 4th option

So what should the boy do?

The Keeper is coming



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