Alright, my best friend is known to be a drama queen, but holy…

Anyways, her and her boyfriend for a year and several months have been fighting everyday (literally everyday).

Why? Because she always has to start something and blame it all on her boyfriend. Her boyfriend really does try to make everything better, but she keeps saying he is the only one in the relationship who has changed.

I beg to differ. They both have changed, but she had changed the worst and the most out of the relationship, but blames every single problem on him.

Today, they had gotten into another fight right in front of me, but this time, you can tell she was the one who would initiate it. He was trying to make everything all light hearted and calmer, but it never happened since she's so stubborn. His eyes started to water! …but of course, he tried to hide it to be manly, but I watched him the whole time.

It's gotten to the point where I can't even have a decent conversation with her without her boyfriend being brought into it. She's starting to like another male, who's both of our friend and her boyfriend's best friend. She's been really happy around him, but I know what's going to happen and she'll be all depressed and "pity me" for the rest of it.

It's starting to stress me out and my face has been breaking out around my triangle area, I'm not one who usually gets 5-6 pimples all at once until now.

The spots under my eyes have gone darker and I don't even want to talk to her most of the time because it's all she'll talk about.

Either that or someone else that causes her "drama" in her life, but she really brings the stress on to herself.

I wouldn't be surprised if I start losing my hair in a matter of days and I'm only 15. Sheesh.

  1. Andie372 10 years ago

     Are you sure you want to be friends with someone like that?  What are you getting out of the relationship?  Friendship has to be give and take, not one party taking all the time.  I think you deserve better.

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  2. KnockedDown 10 years ago

    Especially that young relationships change and don't last long. In general when women go through big changes in their life they tend to look for other people.

    But just remember, that's HER problem, not yours, don't make it yours. Yes, be there for her, but don't make it your problem, especially don't let it effect your health. Sometimes you have to lay down boundries with people.


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