I can’t stand being a minor. Since my parents divorce I have no freedom. I hate my dads house he’s never here and he has nothing I need. He doesn’t buy food. He doesn’t buy water. All he has is juice and soda. He is always working and he just leaves me here. When my mom wants a break from me she leaves me here. I don’t get along with my sister, all we do is fight. Ig I never had enough attention as I was growing up so I turn to get negative attention. It’s like I’m drowning in a whirl pool and can’t get saved. I haven’t taken my meds for days because it doesn’t work. My head spins every day and sometimes I question if I should over dose but ik it wouldn’t solve anything. So I just mark my arm with marker.

  1. delane1 4 years ago

    Princess.lauren, i am so sorry you’ve got so much on your shoulders! i wish there was an easy answer, but even parents can be idiots—i am telling you this as a daughter, sister, mother, & grandmother. Everybody fails at something. Some people just seem to be perfectionists when it comes to their family–either perfectly OK or perfectly SHITTY (sorry). *sigh Do you have any outside influences or ‘escape’ ??? Anything extracurricular? Therapy? Hobbies? –Any excuse to NOT be ‘home’ that’s accepted?
    i understand you’re truly unhappy—i just don’t want you to hurt yourself so drastically, that you’re paying for it the rest of your life!!!
    i’ve learned a lot, but i was a stupid parent, when i was young. Yep, i said it. i’ve made a lot of mistakes. All i can do is work on me, now, and hope for better days.
    Please, take care of yourself. There are caring people in the world. ***hugs***

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  2. sullengirl76 4 years ago

    Ditto everything Delane1 said. Parents are just people and, unfortunately, not always capable of making good decisions. I definitely think therapy – group or individual – would be a good thing for you to try. Maybe you could meet with a school counselor who could help point you in the right direction?

    I’m glad you are drawing with markers instead of doing something more harmful. And I’m very glad that you recognize that suicide is NOT the answer. The best revenge you can have on your parents is to find a way to survive this part of your life, and then go on and rise above it – above them. Don’t give up on having a bright and promising future just because your parents are seemingly happy to be stuck in their illnesses.

    Take care of yourself and, if you ever need to reach out to a sympathetic ear, please don’t hesitate to do so. There are caring people in the world. You’ve just heard from two of them. 🙂

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