hey everyone, i hope you all are doing awesome!!

i just wanted to post a blog and share with you all some things that i have learned and have helped me a lot with my OCD, i hope they can help you as well..okay here they are:

* learn to let go
– life comes fast, and if we can just learn to let go of obsessive thoughts, rituals, blasphmeous thoughts etc.. this is was so hard for me to learn, just let go and relax and breathe!

* one of my symptons of OCD is that i have constant blasphmeous thoughts. ive learned and are still learning to not let them control me. this is a symptom of my OCD and it is not me, it does not define me, and they are not who i am. I am very hard on myself for having these thoughts, so i have to sit back and remember that i do have OCD and this is not me talking or should i say thinking. we are only human, nobody is pefect.

* i used to have a lot of rituals that i had to do. i finally got so tired of dealing with them, i had to force myself to just STOP!!! this is was soo hard but i know we all can do it because everyone is strong enough! i promise you once you just stop rituals or redoing things, it will get SOOO much easier. even your obsessive worries with lessen. they wont go away but you wont obsessive over them as much. this lesson is so important to me because it really built up my strength and i want so badly to help people deal with OCD! its so hard and i just want so badly to comfort people and be there for them any way i can!

well i hope this helps. im here for anyone if they need to talk! God bless!

yours truly, Patsy!


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