I have a story to tell and I need some help if anyone has any kind advice to give me, it would be most appreciated. I am 19, was fired from my last few jobs because of OCD complications that prevented me from getting jobs done in the alotted time (it was a helicopter assembly line) and since last November, I have been without a job. Since my mind has been idle for so long, I actively look for a chance to help anyone who seems to be having trouble because of mental illness. I am actually waiting for someone that I can be a neighbor to. And sit with a crying person who had a miserable experience and cheer them up to the point where they are laughing and have a ride home. Speaking of a ride home, 4 hours ago, I saw a girl who was dressed in a pink revealing dress sitting and crying by a cemetary. Now of course, i took the chance as a way of helping her out by doing my best to have her tell me what happened so she could quit crying and be thankful that someone cares and wants to help her out. What better things do i have to do? Either way, when i arrived there there were a couple of local kids i know who had a vehicle and listened to her story how some MOTHERFUCKING DEUSCHBAG PIECE OF SHIT  (pardon my D.O.L) got her drunk and spent some time with her before completely bailing out on the poor girl and leaving her there. I dont know why he left, and how he could, but the other guys beat me to it. I did my best to cheer her up but she didn\’t want my help. The kids i know would have a dream come true if they could find a lonely lost girl and drive her somewhere, eventually get her number too, etc. The thing is, she was balling her eyes out, talking about how much she hated her life "even when she\’s sober" cuz i asked "how drunk are you?" anyway she just would rather cry and moan and sit inside her own shell of misery instead of be thankful that all these people were there for her. I felt realistically down after she got into the car with the other guys without saying a single word to me. and this girl was beautiful! ***to make a long story short and get to the graveline;  These popullar people and these beautiful, young people in your schools, dont always have it together. The girl that has a flawless face, and the most charming smile, and has everything she asks for, can still be a miserable self-wallowing person. And this girl certainly portayed herself as one tonight. She was whining alot too and would say "you dont even know me!"  when I tried to guess what was up.

SO , to make a long story short again: Take a look at somebody that you dont know or care about. Sit down and talk to a stranger. Look at an ugly old man who hangs at the corner store every night; and go talk to him, cheer him up if he looks distraught. IF you really want to be "cool" and grow a bigger pair of balls, then go so far as to share a personal experience with him. (or her if it\’s a woman) Most people you see out there are goodhearted. dont let your own senses fool you. When somebody has the nerve to sit down and eat with a homeless person, or share an embarassing memory with your local outcast, then YOU will walk away with more dignity and more kindness in your heart, and when you see all the proud sharing their stories, you sit there with a peaceful silence because you know that the true joy comes from being there for someone in a time of need. IT doesnt make a one-eyed gimp into a Brad Pitt, but then you will get that good stuff your heart wants.

***and here is another point, Cut the garbage with all the "i can\’t im drunk" or the "i cant i\’m high" excuses when someone needs help with soemthing.  and certainly dont feel sorry for yourself cuz nobody will care. Unless that person has helped a couple of others.


***and another point… Get the point (literally) IF someone is making a point but there words and vocabulary aren\’t as clear as day, cut the shallow bullshit, swallow your pride, and get the JIST of what he or she is saying. Excuses get you so far in life until you wind up in a similar situation. peace. I hope this reaches someone and makes sense. DONT PRETEND IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE TO YOU TO APPEAR CLEANSHAVEN IN FRONT OF SOMEONE. tHE VAST MAJORITY OF US UNDERSTAND WHEN SOMEONE IS MAKING A POINT AND IS SERIOUS! DONT PULL small-fry maintained ignorance to make yourself appear righteous. After all, it\’s easier to just nod than spill words out you FUCKERS. (sorry, that\’s the tourettes)


I pray someone reads my piece and respects it for what it is, and dares to help somebody that isnt all there in the head. If it is not their fault, then nod your head and respect that fact, even if inside youre stomach is churning at what a miserable sight they are. You\’ll learn respect from that, and respect goes a long way and will change you for the better and you\’ll see how small this world really is. later


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