Christmas is always a wretched time for me.It feels completely hollow.The best I was hoping for was that nothing would break down(so far,so good) and that my neighbours would leave me in peace.They're still harassing me regularly. Just a couple of weeks ago that dreadful woman tried to force her way past me into my flat in order to grab some money as I opened my front door when I got back from shopping,and when I stopped her she flew into a rage (she often does that,she's dangerously psychotic and flies off the handle at the slightest thing and then acts as if nothing has happened) and said she was going to get the police and accuse me of assault and of being a pervert – of course she didn't do so in the end.

I had my dinner and watched Doctor Who and thought by that time I was safe.Half past one at night, just as I was about to go to sleep,there she was banging on my door,asking to use my phone to call the police,saying that her boyfriend had beaten her up and thrown her things out. She wasn't going to go away, so I reluctantly agreed. When I opened the door she changed her mind and started begging me not to call the police for fear of having her children taken into care (they'd probably be better off if they were).Then she wanted to call her abusive alcoholic father,before thinking better of it. By this time her boyfriend had come up the stairs complaining that she'd started the fight (which is quite likely: as I've already said she loses her temper easily.They're both violent and have put each other in hospital before,and she'd been drinking) and smashing some of his recently deceased mother's possessions.They went back downstairs but continued rowing for some time. Later I heard him crying,and wailing that his mum was dead and he had nowhere to go.

They're both awful people and part of me wants them to suffer for what they've put me through over the last few years.They don't deserve my compassion, and yet I do pity them.So far today everything's been quiet.



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