The coffee worked! I'm up and running … and so very thankful … I'm alive, I'm not in a hospital somewhere, not in a funeral home to mourn the loss of a loved one, not in jail (and yes, Ive been there), I have so many things to be thankful for … one of them is all of you … thank u for being here for me!

Good morning Father and I thank you for it.. I've come to give you all my worship.. You are so worthy.. I Love you Father and I will use this day to glorify Your name in all I do.. I thank You for all that You've given done in my life all that Your doing and all that Your going to do.. I lay at the alter the burdens and the worries and the pain, sickness, hurt, addiction, broken family, marriage, friendship, mourner, weak minded, unsaved, jailed, abused, broken child of yours Father I pray that You hear their request for Your Mighty hand to reach down and lift, save, deliver, heal, comfort, fix, house, clothe, feed, reconcile, strengthen, Save, reform, their lives bring them to a place where they can meet You and feel Your loving arms around them making them safe. Father give them a hunger and a thirst for you Righteousness, a desire to serve You and make You first in their lives.. I pray for circumstantial change in the lives of Your children.. I ♥ You Lord and I Love my sisters and brothers in You, I want the best for them, and I know that best is You.. With every breath I will serve you Father.. Thank You for spending time with me this morning, go before us in this day and make our path straight before us in Jesus name I pray amen and amen ♥ ♥

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