Alright, So since last night we noticed that our refrigerator wasn't working, (We've had this thing forever, the bottom of it is like breaking down and has holes.)

Anyway, So today we have to go get a new one. For now they've put everything in coolers….Though….I think we shouldn't get a new one, We don't need one, It's just a place that harbors that evil called "Food"

Of course my opinion wouldn't matter even if I were to say anything in the first place so…whatever, and the toaster apparently isn't working either, you have to hold down the lever in order to toast it, so we have to get another of THAT.

and of course mom is overreacting and what not and i'm just so annoyed, my anxiety is already shooting up. I don't want to go out looking for some stupid food holder, I want to stay in my room away from everything.

Also, I finished my letter to Ali as well…Though I still haven't sent either Ali's or Griffon's letter…and again i'm starting to doubt if I should or not.

People on here say it's a curse and a blessing to care so much (or something like that) I see the 'curse' side of it, but not the other. and others say i'm 'strong' but I don't feel like it..

I mean come on! I can't even send a fucking letter to people…When and If I send them i'll let you know I guess…I have to go for that stupid shopping….If I survive it out there this time, sometimes I wish there was a freak accident or I'd get hit by a car.

Well whatever, Hope everyone else is having a good day..

P.S- This song was made by the lead signer of Get Scared, if you have a moment maybe take a second to listen to it… (I usually like screamo metal which he does, but he made this as a side project)

  1. His_Name_Is 11 years ago

    In my opinion, \”feeling\” and \”being\” are two different things. For the longest time, I didn\'t realize(or believe) I had any strengths. As time has progressed, I have started to realize I have inherent abilities. I don\'t know who Ali or Griffon are. In any event, I don\'t think being self-conscious/anxious merits a judgment of self, such as you\'re giving. I have anxiety on an interpersonal level too. I think maybe a few others on this site do as well(har har) 😉 Anyhow, it\'s my opinion that you don\'t need to knock yourself over this(although I have been in your shoes, and I know its easier said than done)! Have a good day

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  2. Mo 11 years ago

    Great Fing song – thanks for sharing it.

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