my life have gotten better but i still feel so alone my friends i cannot see and i feel so left out they all have love ones friend who they can sleep over and hang out with or bf who loves them im trying to be strong but i get so tired staying home every night having no one who want me or want to see me i just cant get out there nothing to do where i lived i just want some attention i just want to go to a new place college cant come fast enough at least i wont be so alone but than im afiard im just going to lose people again i hate feeling this way because once i get this way i just think about the past n i get so mad becasue he was post to be around i had some where to go bnow im stuck here im trying to live my life im trying to be free but how can i there no where to go my time running out i cant be a kid never got a chance to i just want to be older already idc about waiting for a good guy to come around im done waiting for people im done expecting someone to change my mind it the same ting i just dnt want to be alone anymore i just want to be care about loved everything that they all have i saw them through hard times it just so easy for them to find love and someone who care i just dont know wat im doing wrong i just dont know why someone cannot loved me and care about me for me like my friends i shouldnt be jealus but how come it so easy =[


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