Hey all! Well i'm a newbie but i just wondered if any of you experience the same anxiety (I believe) mas myself.

About two years ago i was diagnosed with panic disorder. No one in my family has it I had a real bad panic attyack on mothers day that year. For months i never felt the same. I had a great job nice truck awesome wife ect. They placed me on buspar and celexa (regular md). It did nothing and I tried my best to get along with work as normal, but it kept getting worse. I was sent to a psychatrist. They placed me on med after med and I always had a wierd reaction to them that i believe is probably a bit of medicine hypochondria. Except effexor ughh that stuff sux i shot out a window. They placed me on klonopin i dunno if it did anything to many days have gone by since then. Well that year they placed me on xanax .5 3x daily. I cant really recall if it did anything at that time but 2 years later and more failed ssris i am up to 1 mg of xanax 3 times a day. Im constantly dizzy, I have worries in my subconcious i suppose because i feel anxious over nothin. Until recently i hadn't lost all hope. But now if i get in a car i get so dizzy and nauseous the driver has to stop every mile or so. Now less than a month ago I was able to get in a car with minimal nausea but it was present and go out and about. So I got rather angry. I called my psy and told her the situation and she said before you leave take a dose and a half. So i tried that. still same if not worse results. I constantly have to drink something while riding because my throat gets all gummy feeling and i feel like im gonna hurl. I have tried the breathing techniques and all that, doesnt work when u are about to upchuck. Tonight i said ok lets figure out if this is physical or mental and i called an ambulance I had, had enough. They did not sedate me or let me have a drink and they kept shouting breath right and when i would pass out they would ramm there knuckles into my sternum to wake me up. It's so friggin miserable. Im not sure if its anxiety or physical nothing was found with labwork. All i know is i feel this way 24/7 it is enhanced if im in a car or playing a video game or watching a tv show i havent seen, My symptoms are burning of stomach throat closes literally feel weak lightheaded no papilations or elevated pulse my face burns my body goes cold. Needless to say the xanax does nothing. So now im on disability no insurance and want answers noone sems to have. Can anyone relate. I'm so sorry for hurting your eyes but i just got home from the hospital and if you have never had someone wake you from passing out with a slap in the sternum…..u are lucky lol. I hear people talk control all the time and i get in a car and drive out of stubborness but i never make it far before i feel my conciousness in jeporday and i turn back.

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  1. Mooseinacanoe 10 years ago

    Yes she is, but we never know if it is anxiety or something more. Honestly, when people ask me how anxious i am at any random point in time i don\'t know. It\'s the oddest feeling. Only when i am really hyped up like in a car or during a exciting movie do I know if its anxiety or physical pain. After that trip to the hospital tonight I laid down trying to rest and my upper legs feel as if they are ripping to pieces and my heartbeat is hard and fast. It hasn\'t been that long since i took my xanax so i dunno what to think, neither does my wife. It should not have worn off by now even though i really don\'t think it does much when i do take it. (BTW i took it maybe 4 hrs ago 2 mg)

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