As i mentioned previously I have been helping my mom since i was a child and up to ten years ago it became very difficult for me because she aquired MRSA which is a contagious bacterial infection which almost cost her her life several times and she had to have surgery to remove areas where the MRSA became flesh eating bacteria called (necrotizing fascitis). This is where the tissue became so badly infected it died and she had to have emerengency surgery to remove it. This is a big problem for my ocd which kind of started peaking its head when this occured because i had a baby at the time and had to take major precautions. This is something she has struggled with constantly reoccuring MRSA and I am so afraid to be around her. A month ago her roommate at the nursing home had gotten it and my mom was moved out of the room. nursing homes are notorious for this because they cut corners and they spread this from one patient to another. For some they can handle this and may get it once and its awful but treatable for my mom it debilitated her and now my helping her isnt hands on like it was and when it needs to be I brainstrom everywhich way to make it work without endangering my family. I truly don't know what to do I want to make her happy bring my kids (though one of my children I wouldn't cause low immune problems) but at the same time my ocd is paralyzing me to make that move. Any suggestions ideas or has anyone else had to care for someone with something that they were frightened of? Thanks for previous responses and kindness. Its times like this I feel like I am going backwards and with this ocd and feel angry at myself.


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