Very recently I was in the hospital. The 1st week in December I got the flu shot (1st time ever) about 5 days later, I started coming down with horrible flu like symptoms, so I went to my doctor, she diagnosed me with the flu. Moving now into the 2nd week into December, I can’t keep liquids down, I can’t keep food down, I can’t walk more than a few steps without having to sit to catch my breath, I take a shower and pass out in the shower, so my husband insists on taking me to the hospital.

After a bunch of test, they determined that I was severely dehydrated, and that I somehow managed to have salmonella poisoning. I have no idea how I managed to contract it, or where I got it from, since no one else in my family is sick, and we all eat the same thing. I got admitted to the hospital on a Saturday and was discharged on a Thursday. In between that time, they attempted to get rid of the infection with 3 different antibiotics, 2 of which I had a severe allergic reaction to. They finally found one that worked and they began to treat me with azithromycin via IV.

After multiple veins being blown and blood cultures being done, they determined that the infection was in my blood stream and I would need a total of 15 days of antibotics via IV. When they told me this my heart sunk in, I thought I was going to have to spend Christmas in the hospital. I was sad and heartbroken.

Finally I got some good news, my insurance covers infusion treatments. So on Wednesday , the 13 I was scheduled for a P.I.C.C line put in my arm. (Peripherally inserted central catheter) once they put that in, I was able to get my treatments via the P.I.C.C line.

On Thursday the 14th I was discharged from the hospital. Every day I go back to the hospital to get my medicine through the P.I.C.C line via infusions. Sadly I have to go to the hospital every day for three hours until the 25th. (Yes, Christmas days) on Christmas day they will remove my P.I.C.C line and I’ll be done with my antibiotics and hopefully I’ll be good to go back to work. I have not been to work since December 2nd. I am enjoying the time spent with my son, but the finances are suffering, and it sucks that its right before the holidays.

All I know is I am ready for this to be over, because it is taking a toll on me, it drains me so much. I have little to no energy to do anything. This antibiotic is a strong one, so it is designed to work amazing, but it comes with not so great side effects. I hate it, but sadly I had severe allergic reactions to other medications so they had to resort to this antibiotic.

I have not been in the hospital since I had my son last year, and I have to say I hate it. It is lonely and depressing in the hospital. I did get really depressed when I was in there, but I kinda new that was going to happen, not being around my son and husband. My husband did come see me every day and it did help me a lot, but It didn’t stop the fact that I still got lonely and depressed. I truly hate hospitals, and I am so glad to be home. I’ll be very happy when I don’t have to go to the hospital anymore for my infusions.


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