I really hope I don't jynx it, but today it pretty good, in fact, yesturday was pretty good too. There are things that I could complain about or take to heart and get upset about…but it isn't really worth it. I think it is mainly because in my eyes (I hope I don't sound like I'm being mean or rude) but I'm better then them. My boyfriend's mom, yesturday and today she tried to get to me, but what she did, I just let it roll off of my shoulders because I'm only 20 and already I know exactly what I want, she's turning 40 and she still can't even make up her mind about anything. She had to take care of a foster kid for 5 days (thank god she's going back to her regular foster home today), but the girl is 16 and she tried to get under my skin and stuff, I just let it roll off of my shoulders because what she was doing was childish and in the end, none of what she was trying to do worked, she didn't get attention from my boyfriend or his brother or any of his cousins, she ended up actually throwing a mini tantrum yesturday, and today she tried to get attention again, but it wasn't given. So it doesn't bother me, I honestly could just go on and on in this blog about how things could have turned out and go into detail, but it's not worth it.

Today is extremely hot…it's 94 degrees 49% humidity and we don't have airconditioning. It's a 2 story house with an attic and basement…there are only 2 fans, they're the plug in fans, one is more like a desk fan which is what me and my boyfriend have in the attic and then there is one of those standing fans which is on the first floor in the living room.

Yesturday we all went to Six Flags. It was gonig to be everyone but me and my boyfriend but his family had a BBQ on the 4th and we helped set up everything and the basement flooded again, but this time it was sewage and it wasn't nearly as bad as when it rained. His mom wanted some toys from the basement, thank god they were dry, but she made him go into the basement and get the toys…he had to walk through sewage to get some toys. So his dad paid for us to go to Six Flags with them. Let me just say now…once we parked the cars, there was no organization.

I'm used to everyone getting into the park and just saying "Ok, meet back at this spot at this time." and then we go our own way. What they did was once you left the car you either went through the park on your own or you buddied up I guess. Me, my boyfriend and his brother grouped up and we found one of his cousins then we all went on Bizzaro first. I was scared to death but once the roller coaster started…it was SO much fun!!! And then I got my boyfriend back for all the crap he's been giving me lately…I made him ride one of the wooden roller coasters Cyclone. He is scared of heights and he gets very frightened when something isn't very secure…the coaster was shaking, the bars had rust on them, and in the middle there was this giant metal pole with chains attached to the coaster, and you could see the coaster sway when the place you sit in goes by…he just about sh*t his pants. We got off of the coaster and his neck and ribs were hurting and he had a scrape on his arm. Then we just went and rode a bunch of other rides. Then it took about 2 hours to find everyone, then we all went home and I felt like I was going to throw up the entire ride back. We spent about 9 hours at the park, it was fun and everyone got a sunburn. My face got sunburnt but everyone else was burnt EVERYWHERE that was showing, it was so much fun.


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