So this lady I have known for years, is a very good friend of mine, she recently left her husband. They have three small children, seven five and three. The ex husband moved in with his parents who are in their 80's, he is 49 and the youngest of four children. My friend is 32. She got her own apartment and works full time plus is in school for nursing. Her ex was ordered to pay child support, then he took her back to court to have it lowered becasue he said he could not afford to pay it. he is now supposed to pay 25 a week per child. thats 75 a week for three kids!! So, he ran out of unemployment, was on it for the last two years of their marriage, he refuses to look for a job and for the last 6 mths has not paid her a dime. He was however, baby sitting while she went to work and school, until recently. His sister told him that he was spending too much time with the kids and that he needed to take care of his sick parents. they do not want to a get a nurse aide for the parents since he lives there they feel he should care for them 24/7. So now he can't get a job, won't pay, won't give her any money to help with babysitting and he can't watch the kids at his parents house because it is such a pig sty that social services would take the kids away if they saw the place. Their house that the ex lost because he would not pay the morgage after my friend left, has been condemmed, after living there alone from Aug 09 till nove 2010 when the bank forclosed, the house has been trahed up, is infested with rats, roaches and lice, and now his parents house is becoming the same way! I told her that she needs to take him to court and have his ass locked up in jail for non patyment of child support but get this, she says that she wants to try and make it work and wants him to get a job so that he can move back in with her but that his family won;t allow him and she is upset that he won't stand up to his sister and his parents! Please leave me some comments and tell my friend that she needs to dump this loser and cut him out of the kids lives for good!

  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago


    You are right she needs to not have anything to do with this man anymore and keep her kids away from him too especially since his living conditions are so  horrible what's to say if he moved back in with her he wouldn't trash her place too?  She does need to take him to court and make him pay the child support and if he doesn't pay then they will put him in jail which might just wake his ass up!  I feel so bad for her but she needs to stand on her own and for her kids just like she's doing now.  The sister ticks me off saying he spends too much time with his own kids???  I just hope she will listen to you hon it's so important for her and her kids…

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  2. OperaGhost 11 years ago

    Thanks ladies.  Any other comments are welcome. I am printing them off and giving them to my friend so she can see that its just not me speaking, that others out there, women especially, feel the same way that I do.

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