Hi. So I doing some plans today of my diary schedules. It feels like progress. Part of it is knowing where Im going. I was told to plan things in stages too and theres some truth to not trying to do everything at once on a long to do list, just pick the important things at first, apparently 4 at a time only. Being a responsible or acting responsible adult, I aspire to be efficient.

My relationship is fine and I only need to save a few hundred pounds to meet her. Should be easy enough if I manage to do enough things. The amount of possesions I have and my talents mean I should be rich, although I see that the disfunctional part of myself has prevented me from doing so much yet. I have the willpower but I didnt always have the application of it. Theres no substitute for action. I did ask a simple question on the internet reagarding peace. I have peace fortunately and I asked what to do with it. Someone said be peacfull which was a good answer, although I feel I want to be doing something. I get bored just hanging around all the time. When Im on holiday I didnt like lying on the beach much on my own for long. Peace is great if it is shares. Most people say they want peae of mind but there is no peace in the mind, only of the soul essence. Its a simple thing but can be complicated to get there I guess. Im doing ok, its the ones who suffer more than me that I worry about most. When I read some thins on this site, many have multiple issues and problems which are very hard. Perhaps some things can be helped by not being alone so much and knowing that people care. Im not that positive about it all and Im understanding when people say there is no point in going on or that they see their future as just sad and dark. There arn't always solutions. I think accepting how things are can help if they cant be changed and try to explore some options for some joy and fulfillment in life. We dont know exactly how the future will be and in time good things can happen too. So thats it for now folks. Take heart and remember to look to the light.


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