Well, ok today I am a little hopeful.  After reading the blogs I realize how much many others are worse off than me.  I have alot to be thankful for really.  I am not on any meds, I am standing on Gods word for my healing but believe me if I see signs that I need some help I will not hesitate to get help.  See at least I am rational.  I have come a long way from where I was unfortunately I need to hear if from other people sometimes.  By reading the blogs you all do that you make me realize how blessed I am.  Isn’t that something, I cant get it from people in the world but I get it here on the tribe.  On the Internet.  Thats something.  🙂  I want all of you to know, we must be strong right now in our times of need.  We have to be strong for our children our families but even more for ourselves.  We cannot let the enemy get into our heads and fill it with lies, we need to know we serve a mighty God and we must surrender to his word and promises.  This is what seperates us from other people.  We are special and strong and have alot to offer this world this is all a test when we pass it we will be better for it, because only the chosen of God make it.  Even if your not a believer know this: I am praying for all of you and I believe God will pull back the veil that makes our lives cloudy so that we can see clearly. 

Trust him with your life and watch things change. 



  1. starlove 12 years ago

    Amen Donna!!!!! Well written and you are an angel for trying to put his message out.  I too, get much help from this tribe.  I am grateful and God is good!!!!  Hugs and Prayers, Star

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  2. BeOptimistic 12 years ago

    You brought tears to my eyes, thank you for writing, perhaps this is what I needed to read today.  Hugs, Patty

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