Well we had a meeting with all the admin. team the school has, Phyc, teacher, principal,RSP teacher and another school rep. It was determined that all my son needs is more time in a classroom setting before they will even think of testing him for anything (i.e., ADHD or other learning disabilities). Once again I am being asked to send him to pre-school even though he is is a smart boy and fast learner they don’t think he;s mentally ready for the demands of kindergarden. As the teacher said if his behavior isn’t in check than it doesn’t matter how smart he is. I guess they’re right in a way I just feel like he’s being cheated. I only have myself to blame. WHen I enrolled him in pre-school and he went there for a week I pulled him out because he couldn’t behave. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that though i was to ashamed. It may have helped my case though in having them evaluate him but it doesn’t matter now. I have screwed up my son’s chances at having a normal education and now he will be behind a year all because of me. I wish I hadn’t pulled him out so soon but they couldn’t handle him and didn’t want to either. At that point in time I can sincerely say he was not ready for school. I really felt in my heart that he was ready this time. He just doesn’t follow directions and it kills me to know that he has to go one step back. I feel like shit and once again prove what a horrible mother i am. Why couldn’t I just deal with it back then. He wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in now if it wasn’t for me being to quick to yank him out of pre-school. Those women were so unprofessional though. I guess I should just stop making excuses and own up to the fact that I was wrong and now my lil one is going to pay for it. CryCryCryCry


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