Most of today was good, but when it got later in the day and i got tired, my body was still on overdrrive, and my mind was done……..I don't like this new mood stabilizer. My doc asked me if it was making me feel antsy. I gets thhat might describe it. I donn't feel relaxed!!!!!! Some of the day it is really good because I get a lot done, but now, I can't figure out what to do and lying down just gives me anxiety. I guess I will take a Klonapin. I also need to wash my work outfit. Kind of sad that I can't find any good meetup groups going on lately….I really want to hang around people. I have been going to more. There was a meetup to play soccer tonight, but I am beat having gotten up at 4:30 and then unloading the work truck by myself.

Right now I want to call my Mom and talk to her about getting a car for Ness, but I am afraid of doing that while I don't "feel like myself". I kind of feel like just ending the day by going to bed, but there is the laundry and also I am so full of snacks, I don't have rroom for dinner yet.

I guess I will take the klonapin and wash my work clothes. I am really frustrated that I don't feel like I can do anything else. I heard my FB "chat tone" and I didn't even want to sit up. That isn't like me. I like to talk to friends. I better put on my list to call my dr tomorrow. orr at least take a clonapin and see how I feel. sometimes I think I just have so many meds in me that my body is just all messed up.

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  1. elf 7 years ago

    I get what you're saying. You take a med, and then need another to counter the first. Then they add another. You don't really know which med is doing what and all you can say is that you just don't feel like yourself. I hope you found the motivation last night to do the wash and even chat with friends on FB. Sometimes I want to get off of all meds and just start over one med at a time. But whenever I have tried that, I get so down it is dangerous.

    Have you tried other things to address the antsy feeling other than Klonapin? Maybe walking or some type of craft? (I knit when I get antsy) It doesn't always do anything, but I try anyway. Good luck and I hope today is a better day!

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