I understand now why my son has been so emotionally volaile all day ~ he was coming down with something. And from the behavior of that something, I'm willing to bet it's the flu. He started running a high fever, coughing, gettting cold chills, flushed skin and lost his appetite completely. He didn't even want ice cream! I slept from 9 till 1 a.m. tonight, and then he started coughing again so I got up and gave him more medicine to bring down the fever again. If he's not doing a little better by morning then I'm calling his doctor for an appointment. It's probably viral, but he may still need to be seen to get doctor's notes for missing time at school. I feel so bad for my little man! 🙁

As for me, I've got it too, but not nearly as bad.It could be why I was feeling so yucky today emotionally as well. I've got a nasty headache, a cough and sore throat, and a slightly raised temperature. My hope is that it doesn't get any worse for either of us. My eyeballs even hurt. That sounds pretty funny, lol. Actually it stinks. If this is how my little guy feels no wonder he's so miserable. We ended up putting him to bed by 6:30 p.m. and he passed out right away. He's downstairs with me on his futon bed wrapped up in blankets because he feels cold even though he's burning up. I made him change into a light t-shirt instead of his pajamas because they had long sleeves and pants. He needs to be able to shed some of that heat he's generating, sweat the fever out. Unfortunately the ibuprofen only lasts about 5 hours and he has to go 6-8 before he can have more. Hopefully I'm not going to be forced into giving him a lukewarm bath tonight at some point. That's not going to be pleasant for him OR me. It makes me cry to see him cry from something I have to do to make him better. I think that's one of the hardest parts of parenting that I've dealt with so far.

I wish I were tired out, but I'm not. Again I am turning to OTC sleeping pills to knock me out, but they only last me about 5 hours and then I'm awake again. I guess I'll take the 2nd one tonight in a few minutes. This is ridiculous; having to take pills to help me sleep every night because of a medication I'm on that makes me tired all the time but gives me insomnia. It's nuts!

Oh great tomorrow I have to go see my psychiatrist!!! What am I supposed to do with my son? I guess his Dad's going to have to watch him for a little while so I can get this done. This is a really important session ~ changing off the Abilify (hopefully) and getting a letter with the correct diagnosis from him for SSDI. On Wednesday I see the SSA for beginning my request for help financially with my illness and work situation because of it. I truly hope it goes through fairly quickly ~ like within the year. I realize I may have to get a lawyer to do this, but I'm willing to do what it takes to accomplish it. I'd rather pay a lawyer and get my disability than to be eating and feeding my son ramen noodles and Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches for lunch and dinner all of the time.

Time to go take that 2nd sleeping pill. I'm also going to make myself some cheese grits since I didn't eat dinner either. I hope the rest of you are sleeping well. Goodnight.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

     Dear Keya.

    The flu is a pain where a pill won't reach for sure.  I have some thoughts. When we were ill, we were service a lot of chicken sound with over boiled rice, it looked like porridge. The other staple was chamomile tea sweetened with honey, as hot as you could stand to drink it. A time to up the vitamin B and C dosages.

    The other deal that may be interfering with your sleep is caffine, and adrenaline

    producing TV shows. This is especially true in the evening. Milk should be avoided since it prodices lots of mucous. A good dry ginger ale is useful.The other thing is to ask the psychiatrist what the ideal times for taking your medications. Hot lemon caffine free tea is useful. 

    The reason your son is cold while he has a high fever is that the infection is active in his body. Probiotics also build up the immune system.

    It goes without saying, that you both need to stay hydrated. Water with fresh lemon squeezed into it is helpful.

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