before you read this i will be useing some “grown up words” so unless your mature dont read this.

Its alex again. if you havent read my previous blog i am a 13 year old bisexual FtM transgender.

being transgender has caused me alot of pain and depression threwout my life. i was simpley born in the wrong body. i hate my body but sadly until im 18 theres nothing i can do about it. luckey for me i was born very skinny therefore i havent developed breasts yet. this makes me happy because its easyer to fit in with the guys. i have always been more of a boy but my parents always said it was a faze. though i also dont like how i am being put into these steriosypical things. all my friends and family think just because i want to be a boy means that i cant like ANYTHING that girls would like. i still love music, i still love school and i still love everything i loved before. being transgender doesent change who i am it just may change what i look like and what i sound like in the future.

i have struggles with my identity my entire life and these steriotypes arnt making my life any easyer. but now theres a girl in my life. she knows everything about my and most of my life story. she accepts me for who i am and i love her for that. i have grown to have a crush on this girl and she is aware. the reason we are not together is we live very far apart from eachother and she needs time to think threw stuff that is happening in her life. im ok with just being bestfriends for now but i hope it changes in the future. im so happy she is in my life and i hope she stays in it.

thanks for reading and i hope u enjoyed 🙂


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