So this going through this whole life changing experience I have learned some things. I would like to share with you!!

I learned who my true true friends are. The ones who stick by you and don’t judge you. They let you cry in front of them and don’t make you feel bad about it. They just listen. Sometimes give advice but they never give advice unless they have been through a similar situation.

My sister has been very supportive. I didn’t expect this. She is Mormom thus have VERY different views on things.

I never knew how much I wanted my siblings near me. I do now!!

Don’t trust anyone but yourself. I know it sounds harsh but it is true! Maybe I will change my mind on this someday.

When it rains it pours!

I learned how to act happy even though deep inside I am crying non stop!

Wellbutrin is a great diet pill!!!!

I only will take one person (for me anyway) to make you feel really good. That person can make you want to be beautiful and feel good about yourself.

I am not going to be a doormat anymore!!!

I am going to speak my mind and not care what other people think. (Within reason)

I learned that I am NOT stupid, or an airhead, or bimbo. I don’t need to be treated like I am three. Why do men do that? (not all men) It is really fucked up that men think women are not smart!

No matter how much a person says they will change, if you scratch the surface they are the same person underneath.

It’s not all about you!

My dad has probably been the least encouraging and emotionally supportive. I was surprised by that.

My mom never leaves me alone. I know she cares but sometimes you can care too much and push people away. She could care by backing off a little!

No matter how young a child is they still know what is going on. Ask my youngest. He is almost two!

One thing that I really hate is being strung along. I have been given false hopes and dreams. It is really depressing. Kind of leaves you with not knowing what to do or where to go.

You HAVE to laugh at things!

I like my new haircut!

It is really hard leaving the kids at daycare but I know they are having a blast and meeting new buddie. So it is ok!

I learned that the person that you love(d) the most can hurt you the worst. Or take the most advantage of you. That is sad, it isn’t suppose to be that way!

I learned that tears don’t really dry up! Yep you can pretty much cry everyday, allday and the waterworks will keep going strong!

I have become spiritual…now that I am allowed to do so.

Tattoos don’t really hurt (that bad) You should get one. You only live once!

Two Words : Portion Control

Two More Words : Carmen Electra

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  1. debmukh_2006 15 years ago

    dear me, what u write is true mostly i agree with u. it happens for all of us. by expressing ourselves we lighten our mood and somewhat feel happy. being extranged from young ones could be very bad as this is the phase i am going thru. though i have no option. my sympathy 2 u

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