I usually reserve my blog for posting my own words, but today this song popped-up on shuffle and the words are really resonating with me. It made me think of why I started studying psychology (even if I can’t afford to finish my degree just yet)… why I keep getting my lazy butt out of bed, even when I should probably just stay home and meditate my prickly mood away… and why, to paraphrase an iconic movie line… I just don’t know how to quit Depression Tribe.

WARNING – I should mention that this song *is* by a contemporary Christian band – but I promise it’s not full of hate. This band’s music is actually fairly positive and uplifting without being all guilt-trippy and preachy. But if anyone reading this is going to get all bent out of shape reading lyrics that include the word “God” in them, stop reading right now.

We good?

You sure?

Okay… here goes.

“That’s How You Change the World” by Newsboys

Verse 1:
All my life I had big dreams
To do big things and make a change
And all the while I just passed by
The simple needs right here next to me
Cause there’s a breaking heart
That’s falling apart
And tear-filled eyes
Looking back at me
God, won’t You help me to see

It’s a prayer in an empty room
Little things we do
When nobody’s around
A hand reaching out
To a heart in doubt
It’s the smallest spark
That can light the dark
That’s how you change the world

[Verse 2 Omitted ‘Cuz It Sucks]

Verse 3:
It’s the kind words
A simple smile
More than showing up
Going the extra mile
It’s giving everything
When you’ve got nothing left
Sharing a little hope
With a single breath
That’s how you change the world

Repeat Chorus

That’s all I’ve got (so far) today. Just trying to stay positive and keep myself afloat as I navigate the waters of my day… ignoring the ever-present tentacles of depression swirling just beneath me.


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