i don't know if i'm elated cuz it's friday or because it's such a beautiful day or maybe a combination of it all.  i was a bit frustrated at work today but luckily that didn't last long…i don't usually hang on to my bad moods long.  usually half an hour is all it takes if i'm left alone and not prodded.  I'm not the type to keep things bottled up whether its a mood, opinion or anything else, which usually gets me in trouble for my outspokeness and bluntness but at least i keep things real and everyone knows who and what they are dealing with from the beginning.  i'm talkative but i also know how to listen.  i'm actually much more contemplative then anything else which is also how i get myself into trouble.  outwardly i'm a sarcastic cynic but that's only a guise for the inner idealistic romantic.  i question everything and always need an answer.  i dislike ambiguity but i have to keep reminding myself that there really is no black and white and the world is painted in varying shades of gray.  i'm so hard on myself that sometimes i use my self imposed standards as the ruler i measure others and the world in general by, but in time i've been learning to curb that tendency and take things for who and what they are.  We all seek the same thing which is happiness, however each person my define that, and we all strive for it in our own ways.  As they say different strokes for different folks…we all march to or own drummers and their distinctive beat.  The importance is that we strive for it in a manner that is honorable…without having to sacrifice our principles, integrity or someone elses in the process.  


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