Well we have house guest that will be living with for awhile.  It is a young couple who has been homeless and we knew the guy for years and he hung out with my son.   The girl is 21 and  I made sure she is going to get a GED and she is going to school and got her to go get food stamps and put her birth control shots.  She has a little girl but her mother has the child which is probably better for now as the child is in a stable in home.    This makes the fourth young women who has lived in my home and I helped to get a GED.  I try to make thesr young girls realize without a good eduation your not going to go very far in this world besides flipping burgers forever.  With the girl I have in my home now I can tell her self estemm is so low and she doesn't care how she looks and wears ripped clothes and so I slowly working on to change some of the that.  

I have been having some problems with my kidneys acting up lately and I woke up this morning with my kidneys really hurting and I just may go see the doctor either today or tomorrw but my luck they will say I have to wait until monday when some  of the other doctors are in.    I use to see a kidney doctor close to my home but he was a ass.  I cath myself every day so I know if  I have a bacterial infection or if something is going on.  In Dec. when I saw this kidney doctor I have been having blood coming out.  The kidney doctor  told me I didn't have a kidney infection and that he was the doctor and I was the patient.  The ass never had me pee in a cup and look at my urine at all.   The next day  my husband took me to the ER in Little Rock as I was running a fever and they said, you have a kidney infections.   So yes if I cath myself I know how my kidneys feel every day and when I have a kidney infection.  Some doctors can be  a real bad in the ass.

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  1. sweetsteph 13 years ago

    so true terri ,hell you have been at this long enought,some doctors arereal asses,just think they dont care ,please take care of yourself…love steph

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