I've had it pretty good. Here lately, I've been getting more and more involved, and it makes everything go by so much more quickly. I guess that's the only thing that sucks about being "here". I've learned that I'm a very thoughtful person, either way, even though I used to think that I was pretty stupid. I've learned to accept myself more and more each day for who I am. That's the most important thing. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, or what anyone says about you, you have to just accept who you are.

I've also learned that communication is key. I never thought about this, but you can feel something, but communicate a feeling that is entirely different. Like, for example, I had this problem with people thinking I didn't like them, even though deep down I like all people. I learned that I was miscommunicating and then worked to change that.

Let me tell you all something: By being here I know that you will be alright. Because, if you have enough respect for yourself to try to find ways to make your life better like coming to this site, then things will be better. Your life is up to you and you only. Just never give up. And you won't! You haven't yet! You'll one day learn to appreciate the fight, because it helps shape you. I never knew who I was until I fought to know!

I have people to this day that don't like me. Before, it tore me up to know that someone didn't like me. But now, I like myself enough that I don't care. Like the quote: "Be who you are because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter." Live by that.

Another thing I kept missing was my dependency. I was a child. I still am. But I've learned the power and stability earned when you do something on ur own. When you learn to stand on ur own two feet without too much assistance, well, there's another way that you become closer to who you are and you learn more about who you are. As long as you're clinging to any person, that's less time you're getting to know yourself. Go jump out there. The world is NOT as scary as some people think. I can't promise that you'll find a fairy tale waiting to unfold for you, but you can be sure that great things will come of it.

But remember, DON'T ever feel sorry for being the way that you are. I am a caring person, although not everyone feels that way. I'm also a little selfish, but it's hypocritical for anyone to call you selfish without calling themselves selfish. Let go of some things. No one is perfect. I used to think I should be. I learned to accept myself the way I was; failures and all.

BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the best for you all. Have a great weekend!!! 🙂


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