If you've ever had a toothache, off and on for a long time, and went to the dentist.  When you woke up in the dentist chair, he said; well it's out, the root was cracked, we couldn't save it. You looked down at the two pieces of tooth on his 'tool platter' and thought, good!  No more toothaches! You were sad, because you 'lost a tooth' but you were glad because 'no more toothaches'.  When you walked out of his office you were fairly confident, that you wouldn't have any more toothaches, from that particular tooth.  

    Your left eye had been irritated for a couple days, hurting, and watering. You kept hoping that when you woke up the next morning, that the eye would have healed itself, and 'hurt no more'.  But that hasn't happened, so you went to the eye Dr. and he had you sit in his 'eye Dr. chair' with the bright lights, and big magnifying glass, that you could probably see a mouse on the moon with. He looks into your eye and with one swipe with his special very small 'q-tip', he says "there we got it, and shows you the tiny black fleck on the very small 'q-tip'.  Wow!!!  That was easy.  The next morning when you woke up, both eyes felt OK, you wasn't even sure which eye had been bad until you stopped and thought about it.   

      Toothaches, foreign particles in your eye, and a whole lot of other problems that occur from time to time in one's life are easily 'cured' and gone for good.    

     Depression, well now that's a different story.  You've had it for many years.  Sometimes so bad you could barely stand it, and sometimes, you thought it was gone.  But, it was always there.  24hrs a day.  Seven days a week.  You probably are bothered by it right now.  Why can't depression be cured like a toothache, or a foreign particle in your eye, you ask…   Well, the truth of the matter is, that it can be.  If your depression was cured today, tomorrow you would feel GREAT!  You wouldn't believe it.  You'd say, I don't remember ever feeling this good.  How long will it last?  Then I'd say, well your depression is gone.  You would probably say, Oh no!  My depression isn't gone, but I really do feel great.  No…. I've had depression for many years, I still got it.  But I sure do feel great!    

     When curing depression; there's not 'a broken tooth in the tray', and there's not a 'tiny black fleck on the q-tip'.   So there's 'no real proof', that your depression is cured.  You do feel great. But the truth of the matter is, that you don't feel 'great', You just feel 'normal', but you've been depressed for so many years, you always thought you were normal, but you weren't, you had depression.  Well now you don't have depression any more, and you feel normal.  And that's great!!!!    

     Finding a cure for depression was the most important thing I have done in my whole life. However, I didn't do it until I was 64 years old.  I've spent many hours thinking how wonderful my life could have been if I would have cured my depression when I was twenty years old.  I could have cured my mothers depression long ago.  She had twelve children. I was the second oldest.  

     My Mother died at 84.  At the time of her death she had Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, and the early stages of Parkinson's Disease.  I thought that if I was going to live to be 100, I should try and do something about these three diseases.  Either prevent them, or minimize the effect they would have on my body and my life.  

    I did a lot of research and 'Googling', and come to the conclusion that there was a very good possibility that these diseases were caused by viruses.  These viruses, I probably inherited from my mother  when I was born,  so did my brothers and sisters.   I then started looking for ways of killing viruses, and ways to kill them in my body, without killing me quicker.    

     So, I stopped taking my normal vitamins and started my 'secret treatment'.  After five days, I noticed that I felt very good.  Wow!  I said…I must be doing something right.  The next day, I still felt very good.  On the seventh day when I still felt very good, I stopped taking my 'secret treatment'.    

     After about two weeks, I noticed that my 'krappy feeling', that I had had for as long as I could remember, came back.  Wow!!!  I was as excited as the Wright brothers were, after they flew 20 feet.  So I waited a week to be sure, and then I started my 'secret treatment' again.    

      Once again, after the fifth or sixth day my 'crappy feeling' went away.  The next day, still no 'crappy feeling'.  So I stopped taking my 'secret treatment' again.  Sure enough, about ten days later, my 'crappy feeling' returned.  Wow!!!  

       Well, I decided that I could probably go the rest of the year doing this 'stop and start secret medical testing'.  But instead I just started my 21 day treatment over with the intentions of doing it for the 21 days without stopping.   The problem is that after 14  days I was so excited with my 'crappy feeling' gone for a week, that I made a 'management level decision' to change the 21 day 'secret treatment' to a 14 day 'secret treatment'.  So I stopped taking it.  And to this day my 'krappy feeling' or Depression, as the 'world' calls it has never returned.    

      Since that summer, three years ago, I have perfected my 'secret treatment' from 14 days down to two,or  maybe three hours of taking the 'icky tasting all-natural 'secret treatment'.  Depression will disappear in 36 to 72 hours.  And Depression has never came back in any of the people that have done it to date.  

      The problem that I am having is, that if Depression is caused  by a 'chemical imbalance', how is it that I cured it with a virus killer treatment ? ? ?   My virus killer treatment kills all pathogens, so I suppose that I cannot say that Depression is caused by a virus, but I can certainly say that my findings tell me that Depression is caused by a pathogen, and I believe that it is a virus, as viruses are inherited from birth mother, where as other pathogens may not be.    

      Although, I can only say at this time, that I have cured depression in many people, I do believe that all mental illnesses are probably caused by viruses in the brain.  Exactly where in the brain itself that the viruses are located would determine what "circuitry" of the brain that would malfunction, causing any number of the many different 'Mental Illnesses' to be diagnosed.  

       The total number of viruses in the brain, or the percentage of the brain that is infected with viruses, would determine the degree, of pain, or 'depression', that is felt.   

          My 'secret treatment' is comprised of less than 10 common items that can be purchased at any Wal*Mart Super Center, or similar type retail outlet.  There are no experimental drugs involved.  The sucess of the treatment is dependant upon the way that these items are prepared, mixed, and consumed at the proper time.

         My cell number is  612 381 7902 if there are any questions.  Thank you.


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