Hello friends, i humbly wish for you to kindly peruse through my blog and continually see reasons how the so called europeans materminded the plummetation and the degradation of the african continent.

  The scramble and partitioning of africa.

  The scramble for africa was necessitated by the abolition of slave trade in the 18thcentury and it was primarily and agreement that was agreed by ratification but was not adhered to physically by putting a final stop to the trade in the sales of humans in africa for debilitating jobs and in humane jobs in the platations and fields where thier mouths and legs are practically padlocked and chained for them not to put anything in thier mouth.

 The likes of william wilberforce,granville sharp and thomas clarksons are humanitarians who are geniouses that championed and called for the abolition of the trans atlantic slave trade because they felt its was dehumanising and demoralising and not a thing that is loved by God the creator of all things.

 What i simply want to let you all know is to change your sterotypical views about africa and take a deeper look into the antecedent and from there you will catch a glimpse of where the basterdization of the african continent began from and from there you tend to look for solutions and not complain about the continent of africa.

 The aftermath effect of the abolition of the slave trade called for the berlin conference of 1884-1884 in berlin where the future of africa was discussed by the so called multi faceted powers under the amiable and astutue leadership of ottovon bismark of germany. they used africa to settle thier grieviances because europe as at the time understudy was enmeshed in series of land lock dispute between the alliance system and the continental system [england,france,germany,russia,autria,italy and so on] all this powers that be were in loggerheads over thier small territory so they decided to partition africa for the sake of sharing it and taking full control of a sovereign territory that has people,both children and aged ones as thier integral possession without the consent of the african traditional institution the europeans began what we call the era of colonization in afica taking over the destiny of the african continent and plummeting the region down through the massive expliotation and plunging of the region with inferior and unwanted goods.

  I must say that the intrusion of the europeans into africa has a negative and positive light but the negative was highly paramount because of thier shabby dealings of exploitation like they come to buy raw materials in africa for the susutenanace of thier booming industrial revolution at a price that is solely fixed by them through coercion and moreso sell the finished products to africans toa higher price fixed by them taking all our resources to develop thier own nation to make it more formidable and thereby at the detrement of the african dream.

 Well i think i have been able to educate you a little bit because this are what led africans into what there presently facing today and i also make bold to assert that those hungry vultures called the europeans and the western world are still in africa perfecting a new and improved ideaology  called neo-colonization whereby puppets are made of the people for thier own selfish interest.

 Thank you and God bless.


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