Hi Tribe

I thought i would like to share my testimonial i wrote recently for Kristin FitzGerald Co-Founder
WebTribes Inc.I was most surprised and pleased that the founders actively care about the community they have created along with the opinion of their members.

“Most of all thank you to all of you at the tribe for making this the coolest site on the Web!”

Dear Kristin,
My name is Paul (aka – wide4u44).I'm 44 years old and don't know what I have lol, having been diagnosed with Aids ,(PCP, and a Cd 4 count of 0), my subsequent treatment and recovery has seen me make gains to clinically defined levels >200 up whilst enjoying a respite of a four year odyssey to reach these levels of good health. so I guess I'm just another member of this is “Tribe”

I was referred to the tribe from my sister in sunny South Africa, who felt I might need some friends after the separation of my wife and partner of nine years. As a recent emigrant to Canada – she was bang on the money, and although hesitant due to my experience on other sites purporting to do the same I thought I would give it a squiz!

Well what do you know; my first take was “I'm looking for a date with only 1000+ members it will be like looking for a needle in a corn- field, however I duly signed up and proceeded to set up my page. Surprised at the obviously well planned sophistication in terms of layout and appeal I had fun and set up my page!

Next surprise, I had members welcome me and tentatively began to utilize the facilities, read the daily blogs and postings. All I can say is Wow!! Since that day I have never looked back, what a credit to all those who make the site just a pleasure to be part of. The Tribe has become a very big part of my life, and I have to say, yes I have made some close and dear friends here.

It's the greatest place on the web to hang out whether, meeting new friends, offering comfort, receiving advice, from members who obviously enjoy and care about this community.

“Kudos to the site creators”. Thank for your vision, conviction and efforts to create this truly wonderful place for us to enjoy.

Best regards

Thank you so much. !!!!!!
Paul Sawyer


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