if you’re a parent , you read this !!

please stop comparing your kid and stop scolding them just because they cannot be as good enough as “Mrs XYZ’s kid” bruh everyone has an inner talent and wish – RESPECT THAT. You just can’t go and tell your kid – “what am i paying for ? why cant you rank 1st ? ” it hurts , okay? you need to understand that shit.

its been three years since i moved to a new place , and i LOVE it here. I got friends , first boyfriend(yes first and i’m 15 lmao, don’t judge me) etc etc. Basically my friends are the only reason i love it here. At my old school my teachers loved me , i always ranked first (nerd alert) , participated in many projects  , competitions – basically i was loved by many but… i didn’t have any true friend – ppl just faked around me to get help and shits. But when i came here(to this place) , i loved it – i sensed that these PEOPLE HERE ARE MY TRUE FRIENDS – they care. But as every high school kid faces problem – my problems arrived to… here in this new school people called me “THE ATTITUDE GIRL” , i finally realized that now i have got new members residing in my brain – so called HATERS. Haha people started hating me because of many things. It was 2018 – and i didn’t yet know what possible shits can even happen with me.

my first day to school – people faked around me , haha ofc. my mom asked me – honey , how was your first day to school – (innocent me) : it was brilliant !! then slowly slowly i made friends – it was so good.

but… i didn’t have that passion of participating in stuffs like i used to , i didn’t anymore rank 1st!! then this comparing shit started

few days back – (even today)

my mom was like “what’s wrong with you?”


“why don’t you participate in stuffs like competitions and project?”

“i just– lost interest , moreover they aint any compulsory so…”

“haha liar , the thing is THE FRIEND GROUP you are in , no one does project , that’s the only reason why you don’t participate.”

and that shit hurted me so deep!! i am like fuck woman , how can you say that. bruh try to understand – leave us alone!!


we are TEENagers – we get mood swings , we get depressed , shits happen , and we become a whole new human just because of these.

please understand that. understand your kids because their life ain’t any easier , they are depressed.

to all the readers – ofc you guys think that topper kids don’t feel shits and bullies. don’t think that everyone has a HEART AND THEY DO FEEL STUFFS.

lastly thanks for reading!!

love you all <3

  1. micl 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing. I’m a parent and grandparent, and i realize now that i’m older that i’ve made a lot of mistakes. We need to listen to younger people and try to understand the challenges they are facing.

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    • deadsoulx 12 months ago

      omg thanks for reading !!
      i really want every parent to know this! its not always about being good in studies and project but its also about being happy!!
      tc <3

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