I don't know where to begin. My life is a mess, I got a divorce 4 yrs ago and now am with a man and his 2 kids my one and we have one together. Danny has only worked for 2 months out of the 3 yrs we have been together. His wife just started paying child support payments a month ago. He pulls money in here and there when I am really angry but thats it.He is on food stamps but loses his bennifits alot and the kids have not seen a doc in 1 and half yrs. I am not their mom so I can not take them. He blames me for not allowing him to work but the facts are is he sleeps till noon and wants to find a job fom noon until like 10 or 11 pm well I put my foot down because I am not a free sitter. The kids hate me the one throws up his food anytime I eat with the family and cries anytime I raise my voice. The other one will not listen at all and now she has started using lying to get out of trouble with her dad. Thank god he has been in the room a few times to know what she is saying is not true. his kids are 4 and 7 and I can not do this anymore. All I do is spend my time picking up after them and fixing the stuff they break. I am not trying to blame the kids because kids are just that kids but I can not keep this up I am trying to finish my college education and have now enrolled online so I do not have to leave the house. Well they complaion that I need to much quit time and am not there for them. I say hey I am the one trying to get a job that will support all of us better and get off of services. I feel like I am moving in an uphill battle. My car blew 4 month ago and my oldest daughter is disabled with many appts. I have purchasd a mopped to at least get her there. Well he took it and dropped it but it is still ok and drivable. Well the next week he took it pulled into the wrong lane and got pulled over he got a no licence ticket apparently he lied and did not have one well long storey short bike is broke and he has yet to pay whatever the fine is or get his permit this is rediculas. I just prey my bike can not be impounded if he continues to drive it and gets pulled over again. If it weren't for his lack of effort I could afford a car and not be sitting at home for the 179th day in a row doing nothing but school work on a holidy weekend. I do my part I pay the bills why can no one in this house do their part too. I WORK, go to SCHOOL, be a MAID and still everyone says I suck well this mom is ready to blow.

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  1. BD 12 years ago

    This man does not seem to love you.

    You cannot help the children because he will not really allow you.

    look at those two sentances, and please please think about them. xxx

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