So I’m fucking stressed, my best friend ex boyfriend calls me up today from school he’s finally going back to school, he dropped out a couple of years ago now he’s back. Which is good he’s telling me all about it and then he goes to tina and i just listen, really i have a lot going on. I really just want ot say shut up ur not the only one with drama but i don’t i just listen. I mean at least ur back at school I still haven’t figure how i’m going to pay for school. Then he goes on to talk about his girlfried. I don’t get it what makes you think i want to hear about the girl you dumped me for. At least you have someone I’m single and thats a whole other issue. Not once does he ask how i’m doing or whats going on with me. Finally I tell him I have a lot on my mind and I will talk to you later. Do you think he ask me how i’m doing no, or if everything is ok nope nothing he ask nothing he just lets me go. I’ve known him longer than anyone else except family and thats the response I get.

My family. What can I say they are all so close and i am just sitting on the outside looking in. My Dad, we have to have a talk tomorrow I don’t really understand about what but I have a feeling i’m not going to like it. He’s been attending my neices basketball games and cutting out news clipping of all her sport events. I think that its good but when I was in school i played 2 sport and I can only remember he attending one game. Not to dwell in the past but the future. He doesn’t take nay interest in my life now. I run a youth group, I paint i’m into photography never once has he asked to see my painter, or photos or how i’m doing at youth group.

I have a full time job, I run a youth group that meets for 2hrs on thursday has a movie night this friday, I still need to finish the council binders, plan a junior high night and work on two events for next month. there is a girls group this up coming sunday and youth mass the last sunday of the month and Midnight bowling the last Saturday of the month I teach 8th grade ccd every other monday. I i’m on the parish planning committe that has two meetings a month and i’m chair of study group that has a meeting this wednesday and one next wednesday. There is so much to do and not enough time. I’m driving my self crazy.

This talk tomorrow is probably just going to cause more stress and there is no one to talk too. I’m starting to think maybe I should see a therapist.


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