Hi, guys. I dunno what's come over me these past few days; I feel terrible:/ And for what? At this point in my life, nothing bad has happened! In fact, I was feeling pretty good about a week ago. And just because I thought about something YEARS ago I'm feeling like crap now. I just feel like beating myself up about it, cuz it's not fair! My birthday's today, and I feel so bad! It's my sixteenth birthday and in two days I'm going to Dorny Park….I just feel so overwhelmed and scared and nervous and I feel like soon I'm just gonna blow up. My mom said that depression runs in the family, and maybe it's my hormones. I dunno, but I'm not feeling good, I can tell u that. I don't feel like myself, and my whole life doesn't feel the same; I don't feel right in my house, talking 2 people, being in school, and it scares me! The one thing that really makes me anxious is that what if it NEVER goes away? I'm scared that I'm going to struggle w/ this 4 the rest of my life. I just want 2 know what this is I'm feeing. A week ago I was happy and excited and feeling good. Now, I feel miserable. 4 no apparent reason. I'm sorry if this is dragging out long, but I need to vent. I can only vent so much to my mom about this, she has a life too. I can't bring her down; I can't be a downer! The one thing I'm most afraid is making her mad at me or something cuz I feel like she's my anchor. She's the only that makes me feel semi-better and if she were to get mad or something, I'de feel so much worse right now. If you read this whole thing, thank you:-) I just need to vent..

  1. Survive09 9 years ago

    Ive just been diagnosed with panic disorders which is pretty much anxcity. It started a month before my 21st birthday its the scariest and weirdst thing ive ever been through. I can relate to your feelings of one min your happy the next you body is in panic mode. Ive found this sight also to vent my feelings because i feel so crazy for whats goin on w me nd ashamed. I hope you feel better if you need to vent im here:)

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  2. Mo 9 years ago

    I\'m sorry you are going thru a tough time but happy birthday!

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