Hey Tribe members…It's been awhile since my last entry, I'm sorry I haven't replied to messages or comments people have sent me, I've been in the hospital (Yes…again…) and I just got out earlier this evening…

I'll go more into why I was back in that hell hole in my next entry. This is just sorta a quick update to let anyone know I'm sorta alive, I don't really expect anyone to care though…

Well…It seems we've survived 12-21-12 eh? I didn't expect the world to actually end today though…Honestly…

Anyway, Going through alot of anxiety right now, one because of alot of drama going one and second, Because of the Holidays ad the stress of packing since we're going to Georgia to see family..

PLus Mom invited Marie and her family to come along with us, since they're 'family' after all as well…So there's gonna be ALOT of people there and Brendan is gonna be there…for those of you who have known me for awhile, maybe you'll remember why I have issues with him…I just can't go into detail -again- for those who don't really know that far back.

They're expecting me to get ready in a freaking day, after just getting out of the hospital? gee, thanks…I don't know, maybe i'm just over-reacting? I don't deserve any kind of help or concern though…

Everything is just piling up and I feel like another breakdown is going to happen, But i'm trying not to think about it to much…Since the anxiety of seeing family is driving me up a wall,

It's cause not only the anxiety, but me ED's, to be at an all time high, Holiday's are the worst time for eating disorders, with all that horrible, evil, fatty, taunting food….I don't know how I'll handle it this year.

Well, I'm just not able to really think right now, I'm sorry. I'll post another one later to update on how this month has been basically, Hope it won't annoy anyone though…Well 'see' you later…

Hope everyone else in the Tribe has a wonderful -and safe- Holiday break…


P.s- This is a new song from Picture Me Broken's new Ep…You don't have to listen to it, but maybe if you're bored or something… www.youtube.com/watch

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  1. lmtz 9 years ago

    so sorry to hear you\'re having a rough time during the holidays…keep your head up…be strong and have Faith…sometimes we don\'t realize how much inner strength we really have…if you heal yourself with a lot of determination and confidence….you will realize how much stronger we are over the illness….good luck and take care 🙂

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