Okay, so recently alot of people have been friend requesting me on Facebook. Since we had mutual friends, I accepted. One of them, Trevor, seemed nice. But today he showed his true colors. And those colors hit my while I was blind. You see, Trevor is friends with my very very close friend Chris. So today, while I was messing around with Trevor, just being myself, Trevor took it as if I was hitting on him. I told him I wasn't, but he still thought I was. A couple seconds later, I get a text from Chris, who tells me how sad he is about how he's "been replaced". I told him he wasn't, but he still thought he was. I continued on as if nothing happened. My mood was still happy. Little bit later, Chris texts back, and goes on telling me what Trevor is saying, and how Trevor is bragging about how Chris has been replaced, and how I am hitting on Trevor so hard. I try to tell Trevor I was just messing around, but he doesn't listen. I try to tell him to tell Chris I was messing around, but he doesn't listen. Meanwhile, Chris is sad. Soon, I become sad. Almost mad. I say bye to Trevor (I am now done with talking to him), then I have to reasure Chris, which was difficult. Now, I have the situation under control. Chris is fine, and I'm sure Trevor is too. (Did I mention that Trevor's excuse for not wanting to tell Chris I was messing around was "I don't feel like it") Now I only have one problem.. Me. I am a emotional wreck from this situation. I was almost in tears, and now I don't know what to do. I now realize that apparently I can't be myself around people I barely know/Just met. What sucks about that, is that, that was the first time I was myself infront of a new person. Usually, I act the opposite of myself. I guess I learned my lesson..



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