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I did finally call public safety last night. I tried to ignore the noise by putting my earbuds in and listening to music but then I heard this loud BANG. It was so loud that I actually heard it through my music and felt the vibrations and it scared me enough that I jumped in surprise. I thought that was so ridiculous that I called Public Safety then and there.

I watched them come down the hall through my peep hole and from what I could hear, it seems as if my neighbors tried to lie about making any noise. I say this because the officers who came to stop it walked down the hall, looked at my door, walked past it up to the next room and asked them about any noise, too. But it's been well documented that they're loud at night so we'll see where that leads now that I've gotten up the nerve to call Public Safety.

The next item on my agenda: this group project that my group abandoned me on. I emailed them last night to say hey, I tried to work on it but I'm lost. That was at like 4:00am or so and it's 2:00pm now and I haven't received any kind of reply. I can't work on it Monday because I'll be in class all day so I don't know what they intend to do. But given that I'm the one with the layout, it's pretty easy to read into this situation why no one contacted anyone else. I didn't email them earlier because I don't want to beg for help when they should automatically know that it's their assignment, too. They didn't email me because they didn't want to help. So it looks like all three of us will be getting a 0 on this assignment or I'll throw something together to get through it and say it's mine and mine only.

I'm tired of babying people, I'm beyond being in the mood for it. The one girl backed out of the assignment the day it was given by saying, "I know I'm busier than you two…" The other girl ran out of the room after the second class never giving me a chance to talk to her about the assignment. So I'm not going to think too much on it, they both knew the due date, they both knew it was their responsibility too and neither one showed any interest.


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