Hey guys sorry i have been away so long, so i got a comment on my last blog when i intened to talk about something else but i ended up on the topic of suicide. so i decided to continue that discution. I was talking to someone about a year ago i told them that i ad thought of suicide, and they told me this”Live. Give us one more day not for me but for them. For your family and your friends. And those familiar strangers that you think you know but can’t quite place. If you leave you will miss me, and my wedding and we’ll never get to go on our trip we planned you’ll never get to graduate.” by now she was in tears. But even after she said this i thought to myself one more day.one more day of what. of pain or sufffering. of feeling useless and nonexsistant.  Then a year later he showed up in my life and made me laugh and smile with his screwed up jokes. I wish you had been there when he found out his brother was iritating me. He decided we were gonna make a plan to kill him. Jokingly of course i would never kill somone. thanks to them i’m breathing and typing this so that you can read my story. love you all.


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