Hey guys ~ just wanted to say hello and let you all know thatI am having computer problems . . . we had to take our computer back to Best Buy because the mouse pad stopped working , so now they're shipping it back to Kentucky to get it repaired . We've been told that it could be a couple of weeks before we see it again . . . grrrrrrr ! So I'll have to use this old dinosaur of a computer that takes forever to load up a page for the next couple weeks , and that probably means that I won't be on as much .

Today we take our son to his first therapy appointment . . . I'm nervous about the whole thing , and I don't know why . I know this is supposed to help him , but I'm afraid that he'll end up with a therapist I (or he) doesn't like , and then we'reback to square one . The nearest therapist other than this one that's covered by our insurance is almost 40 miles away .

Stress~time is now over . 🙂 I made it through the weekend and the 3 days of work and Saturday I talked to my friend and let herknow that due to my illness I needed to take it easy and that I was very sorry that we wouldn't be there . I felt bad about it , but I'm learning that I have to stop and make myself take care of me for awhile or else I end up paying for it badly . If she's the friend I think she is , she'll be disappointed but understanding of the situation .

Now I have a few days off, and hopefully Aaron and I can spend some time working on us since Zach will be in school and Aaron took the week off of work . A lot of things need to be talked about ~ especially the disrespect issues we BOTH have with one another .

I hope you all are well and that this past week has been easier on you than it has seemedfor me . Much love to all of you and hugs until I can catch up with you each personally again . Love you and take care of yourselves !

~ Key


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